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Belly Dance Workshops

Added on: 10th January, 2013 by Sarah_6818

Belly Dance Workshops

Teaching basic moves at a community event

Last Updated:
Tue, 24 July 2018

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Workshops are the ideal choice for getting a group of friends together to try something new.

Workshops are a perfect excuse to get some friends together to try something new. All of my workshops are suitable for any age, whether you have previous knowledge or not.

I have three workshops available:

1) An Introduction to Belly Dance.

Looking at some of the basic moves used in belly dance, we will then use these to create a simple choreography which is suitable for both adults and children.

2) An Introduction to Saidi Stick Dance

Saidi is the name of a style of dance within belly dance, and is associated with men because of its origins with an ancient martial art form dating back to ancient Egypt. To this day, Egyptian men from the Saidi region are seen carrying sticks around and training their horses with them.
This workshop will show you how to dance with the stick, and also include some of the stick 'tricks' used to make this dance so impressive. However, it is recommended that you first attend the Introduction to Belly Dance workshop to familiarise yourself with the basic moves and technique.

3) An Introduction to Veil Dance.

The veil is a beautiful prop to dance with and can look very elegant, but it has it's own set of problems. I will show you how to hold the veil properly, and how to move with it. I will show you how to dance with the veil and some of the veil tricks you can use. Later we will use some of these moves to create a simple choreography.

To get the most out of these workshops it is recommended that you allow 1.5 hours each.

For an hour and a half workshop the cost is 100. Longer sessions are available. Travel costs will be extra, but you will receive a full breakdown of expenses.

Or visit my website:

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